In our new designed heat exchanger; the heat produced in combustion chamber is absorbed better than the traditional versions and transferred to baking cabin. This ensures more uniform baking with lower energy consumption. The modification in the steam production system enables to get more steam on the vertical plates which provide sufficient moisture for each tray. Our rotary ovens are produced with side burner which is suitable long, narrow rooms and in extra compact dimensions. Therefore, our rotary
ovens are ideal for installation in any bread or pastry shop. Burning chamber is made of heat resistant (more than 1000 centigrade degree) special stainless steel (AISI 321 S). Front panels and all outside covers are completely made of stainless steel material. Therefore, it doesn’t get darkening and rust. By means of halogen lamps which are mounted on the doors, an
excellent illumination is obtained and these lamps enable to be changed from outside of door. It is highly recommended to use water softening units on the ovens.